Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blogspot help links

As Blogger gives you full access to modify the blog completely, so thanks to Blogger and all the blogger-geeks from around the world, that I am successfully able to compile these modification 'tips and tricks' which can completely modify your free blog into a problog

General Hacks For Templates

01. Download The Best Template for your Blog

02. What is a blog and How to Get One

03. Get a better domain for your blog !!! (Most Important)

04. How to change blogger templates

05. Back Up your blog posts and comments

06. Remove the "Navbar" from your blog

07. How to show HTML text in Blogger posts

08. Add a better Favicon to your blog (Best method available on Internet)

09. Embed the "Comments Form" just below your blog post

10. How to add a post to all Social Networking Websites at Once

11. How to add/change background image in Blogger

12. New fonts for Blogger

13. Create a professional "Contact Me" page in Blogger Blogs

14. Add 3 new widgets, at the bottom of your blog

15. Convert your blog from Blogger to WordPress/LiveJournal/MovableType or vice versa

Search Engine Optimization

01. How to add Site map To Your Blogger Blog

02. How to add Meta tags to your blog / website

03. Swap title of your blog

04. Search Engine Optimization plug-ins/add-ons for Firefox

05. How to add separate Meta Tags for individual blog posts

06. How to track your website's visitors and optimize your website for Search Engines

07. What most people search for - Important keywords

08. How to add your blog to Google Blog Search

09. Show only titles in your Blog archives pages

10. Check how fast your blog / web site loads (improve loading speed)

11. A quick Search Engine Optimization tool

12. Find and remove broken links from your blog

13. Get better traffic from BlogExplosion

Widgets And Hacks For Posts

01. How to create a sticky post in Blogger

02. How to make a scheduled post in Blogger

03. How to add "Related Posts" widget below all your blog posts

04. How to add Popular Posts widget to your blog

05. Recent posts widget for Blogger

06. How to add "Read More" tags to posts, and hide entire posts on the Home Page - Create Expandable Posts

07. Scrolling text widget for recent posts

08. Add your sign below all the posts in Blogger/BlogSpot blogs.

09. Customized Popular posts widget for blogger

Widgets and Hacks for comments

01. Display commentators profile image in Blogger

02. Recent posts widget for Blogger

03. Top commentators widget for Blogger/BlogSpot blogs

04. Easily moderate comments through email in Blogger

05. Change "Post a Comment" link/text in your Blogger Blog

06. Highlight Blog owner's / author's comments in the blog (i.e. your comments in your blog)

07. Create a customized and better looking "About Me" or "Profile" widget

Try These Widgets and Hacks

01. How to show widgets only in homepage, or all posts or only in a specific page

02. Blogger Help - Animated Flash Tag Cloud For Blogger

03. How to add "Star Ratings" and "Customized Feedback" below your blog posts in Blogger blogs

04. How to add Flash Clock in your HTML website

05. How to add social networking buttons to posts in blogger

06. How to embed Flash and JavaScript files in your blog posts

07. How to embed songs or MP3 files in Blogger posts

08. Add language translator widget / country flags in Blogger

09. How to create a mutli-tab widget in Blogger/BlogSpot blogs

10. How to add auto-scrolling widget [text and image slide shows] in Blogger

11. Add falling snow flakes /flowers/leaves or balloons in Blogger Blogs

12. Top EntrCard Droppers widget for Blogger blogs

13. Show/Hide Text widgets, through JavaScript toggle method

14. Create a Drop Down menu in your blog

15. Add floating "Back To Top" button in your blog

16. Add a fixed (floating) "Feedback button in your blog"

17. Put a "Save As PDF" button/icon in your blog

18. Add a text resizing widget to your blog

19. Create an HTML Rollover button for your blog

20. Show present date and time as simple text in your blog

21. Add a JavaScript calendar to your blog

22. New multi-tabbed widget for your blogs

23. Create lightbox image display in your blog

24. Encrypt or hide your HTML code

25. Add a fish tank or aquarium to your blog

26. Create a customized side menu for your blog

27. Create a multi-level drop down menu for your blog

28. Show Twitter updates on a image

29. Send your blog updates to twitter automatically

30. Add, Edit or Delete labels in Blogger

31. Change or customize "Older Posts", "Newer Posts" and "Home" links in your blog

Image or Picture Hacks

01. How to embed pictures in Blogger Posts

02. How to upload images in Blogger without changing the size of images

03. Image hosting websites guide

04. Free images stock-websites (search and download free images from these websites)

05. Free Animated Gif Image/Picture creator

06. Create round cornered / smooth edged pictures

07. Uploading images in Blogger, in the original size

08. How to show a different image on mouse hover

09. Measure pixels length on screen (add-on for Firefox)

10. Color picker, Eye dropper and Page zoomer - while working in a browser. (add-on for Firefox)

11. 70+ background images collection

12. Create fractal Background images for your blog


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