Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Add visitor counter (statcounter) to blog

There are many free counters - Statcounter, site meter, Google Analytics. I prefer Statcounter as there is a choice of visible and invisible counter and it gives me just the statistics I need. I feel Sitemeter is more for giving nice graphs and Google Analytics gives too much statistics, only invisible counter and I think more for those e-Commerce website and those who use AdWord for advertising. 

I will describe how to add Statcounter to your blog. First to to Statcounter and sign up for an account. Sign in and then click "New project" (see screen shot below):

Statcounter new project

Get the URL of your blog. If you do not know how, refer to what is URL and how to get it and how to get URL of own blog. Copy and paste URL from clipboard into the box for "Website URL". Type the blog title in the first box. Click on the down arrow of "Category" and select a suitable category. Click "Next".

Statcounter new project

In the next page, click "Configure and Install Code":

statcounter install code

After clicking "Configure and Install Code", in the next page, you will have to chose between a visible counter and an invisible counter. We will chose invisible counter because it involves less steps. You may chose a visible counter (first choice) if you want.

statcounter invisible counter

At the bottom, click NEXT. In the next page, tick "Yes I use" and then click the down arrow. Select "Blogger" (see screen shot below):

Statcounter choose Blogger

Click "Next" at the bottom, and the script for the visitor counter will be given in the next page. Click inside the box and the whole script will be highlighted. Press ctrl+C to copy script into clipboard.

Sign into to get the Dashboard, and click LAYOUT for the blog you want to install the visitor counter. If you had selected visible counter, you will have to choose where to place the visible counter. In this case, we have chosen invisible counter, so it does not matter where. Click any one of the ADD A PAGE ELEMENT,

Blogger LAYOUT and Add a Page Element

Peter Chen's nice graphic signature

and you will get a pop-up where you will have to choose HTML/Javascript. Click inside the box, press ctrl+V to paste the script from clipboard into the box:

Script pasted into HTML Page Element


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