Friday, October 23, 2009

Blog early, blog often, promote your business

If you want to connect with customers and conduct viral marketing in UK, Ireland and New Zealand, Bebo is the social networking business for you. You can create applications and widgets use your profiles to interact with other members. Bebo allows profiles to be private to anyone but friends as part of their safety net. This might hinder connectivity with potential clients but you are generally safe from hackers.

Bebo has over 40 million members among teens and young adults, Internet-savvy users and pop-culture fans—American Idol watchers or Indie-rock bands, etc. This is an excellent site to grow your business in the areas of photo or video sharing online media and event promotions and if you are targeting teenagers or college students. Make it easy for users to identify you by uploading a sufficiently clean and legible logo for the space allowed or something funny, clever or welcoming. Keep in mind, though, as with everything on your profile, it’s meant to represent your business.

Starr Hall, author of Get Connected: The social networking toolkit for business, says that to grow your business in Bebo, it’s important to have a lot of friends to widen your network. Since friends are visible on your profile, make sure that they are also reflecting the image you want your business to portray. It is like, tell me who your friends are and I will tell you what business you are in. Friends leave comments on your profile, so monitoring this is key to remove inappropriate postings and to respond to maintain relationships with contacts.

There is a space in this site called “Me, My Life and I,” to tell everyone about your business. It’s good to be simple and direct about your company and what it offers. Also include full contact information and a general overview. To keep your potential clients updated on everything your business is doing, make sure you blog early and often. Adding tips and tricks, extra information, and behind-the-scenes action will enhance the overall experience of your customers.

Upload pictures of your products, events or even appropriate personal photos to put a face to your business. Upload video clips to your page to share your company vision, mission, products, etc. Add music to your profile when appropriate. Keep your profile as clean and easy to read as possible. Don’t clutter it with distracting gadgets or music. Keep it professional looking. If you want to have personal information, consider having two accounts.

Joining Bebo is free, so go to   now.

If you are targeting young Hispanic users, as well as users who are located in Central America, join Hi5 for free. Or if you just want to learn and practice the Spanish language, join about 99 million members of this social networking site. With a vast membership base, it’s easy to network and promote your business through its basic offerings. You may upload your company logo, instead of your personal photo in your profile. Enter your company name in the info bar, and your link will be If needed, you can use another identifier if your business name is already taken. For your Philippine-based business, try

It is important that you provide valid contact information such as e-mail address, IM screen name, phone number, postal address and web address so potential customers can get in touch with you easily. It is helpful to tell people about your business in an interesting, short and direct fashion. You may join groups or create your own in order to find potential customers who are already interested in your company products and services. In these groups, you can send messages and post-related information.

Share what’s going on with your company by posting blog updates. Blogs can explain and demonstrate products, announce events, and give behind-the-scenes information. Update your blogs regularly. You may also use videos and photos to allow potential customers to learn more about your company in an exciting and memorable way. You can even set up a channel where your friends can subscribe to make sure they don’t miss the latest videos.  Read the complete posting here
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